Disgaea 1 Complete Revitalizes the Classic Title

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness first appeared in 2003 on PlayStation 2. Since then it has spawned four sequels and a few spin offs, but in the world of video games fifteen years and two console generations is a huge span of time. Many people have discovered this universe with Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten or Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance and became curious about the origin of the series but with no readily available means of playing it. Disgaea 1 Complete is the solution to that problem, making the classic available on modern hardware for players who missed out on it the first time, and some extra new features have been added to make things feel fresh for the returning fans.

The story of Disgaea 1 Complete begins with Prince Laharl waking up from a two year slumber, making him the envy of insomniacs everywhere. One of the castle’s vassals, Etna, breaks the news to Laharl that King Krichevskoy has died during his extended nap. While not overly saddened by this news, Laharl ventures out of the castle and battle various demons starting with Vyers. Following his victory over Vyers, Laharl has run in with more demons, robots, vampires and even Death. These aren’t his only problems, as some incriminating photos from his past debauchery have surfaced which leads to the inevitable blackmail subplot and some people from Earth have come to kill him based on intel about him leading an invasion from the Netherworld. All in all, the saga of Prince Laharl seems like a great argument against ever getting out of bed.

Disgaea 1 Complete 
is a tactical RPG, where battles are fought by the player controlling a squad over a grid. This is sounds like the typical tactics formula, but an amusing difference is the ability for humanoid characters to pick up and throw other units across the map, which can be used to extend an ally’s movement or help trap an enemy where they are stationed. Sometimes this can lead to turning a hostile unit friendly, but most importantly it’s just fun to randomly throw the other units around. There are a few other quirks to this title, such as any request for aid or creating new characters requiring approval from the Dark Assembly or by having to enter the Item World to increase an item’s attributes, which means to actually go inside the item and fight through some randomly generated levels.

Disgaea 1 Complete allows players to revisit the zany Prinny filled story of the original game and also offers the new Etna Mode, which features new characters not found in the original release. The PlayStation 2 visuals were nice at the time, but HD and time have not been kind to that system so thankfully Disgaea 1 Complete will receive the customary HD makeover.

Disgaea 1 Complete 
is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on October 9 in the United States and October 12 in Europe. There are hundreds of hours of fun to be had in this title, and whether it be completing the main story or getting lost in the Item World, there is no other game that can be this much fun while wearing 100-ton boxers.