E3 2018: Indivisible and Underworld Ascendant are as Different as they are Creative

A company that truly helps indie games get out there is 505 Games. They have produced such great franchises like Assetto Corsa, No Man’s Sky, Inside/Limbo and Payday 2. At E3 2018, we got to play very different yet very creative games. Indivisible and Underworld Ascendant are both considered RPG’s and are both extremely addicting to the point that we did not want stop playing. Both will be out this year and both are eye catching and unique. Indivisible will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC whereas Underworld Ascendant is getting just the PC treatment.

Starting off with Indivisible, the best way to describe the game is a Metroidvania game that blends elements from Valkyrie Profile. The game stars Ajna, a girl who is setting out to discover the truth behind her powers. Developed by Lab Zero Games, players will get a fresh take on playing action RPGs. The game features 2D hand-drawn art that has a Japanese influence while the soundtrack is being done by Hiroki Kikuta, the composer from Secret of Mana.

While platforming and exploration is the mainstay of the game, the most addicting portion is the battle system. This is a turn-based RPG where enemies are encountered in real-time, rather than attacking them, a battle breaks out with four compadres. You will randomly meet these people along the way. Each character goes with the story and has their own set of skills. These characters are swappable to create the best lineup for the particular battle. A timer loads after each attack and landing combos with multiple characters is quite satisfying. A meter will build up that unleashes a beautiful super move as battles become fast paced and more strategic. The artwork is something to marvel at in Indivisible.

Indivisible blends Metroidvania with Valkyrie Profile

If you are looking for a hardcore and completely open RPG experience, then Underworld Ascendant will be what you are looking for. Paul Neurath and Warren Spector, the creative minds behind the Ultima Underworld series, have collaborated on this wide open action RPG. Underworld Ascendant looks glorious in its vibrant dungeons as it will challenge players to truly think of ways to progress.

The game plays in the first person and you can literally take your player any way that you want to in terms of class. On one hand, you can roll with melee combat much like a warrior, but scenarios will come up that might require magic. The magic element is also wide open as you will figure out what needs to be casted in specific situations. Add to this a stealth element where you can go rogue and use a bow with a mixture of elemental arrows to take down enemies. Objects can all be picked up and moved including bodies and can be used as distractions.

Underworld Ascendant is a fantasy simulation from the minds of Paul Neurath and Warren Spector.

Underworld Ascendant truly feels like a D&D game brought to life. It looks darkly beautiful in its execution and our demo was full of dialogue from the developers that only the hardcore of RPG players will understand. OtherSide Entertainment is marketing this experience as a “sim” and the prowess required to play this will require the deepest of minds familiar with fantasy magic as you work to save The Stygian Abyss. Underworld Ascendant will release sometime in September.