H1Z1 Gets Big Update and Brings on New Map

In a major update, H1Z1 is getting more than a few new features plus all new map Outbreak which is 8×8 square kilometers filled with classic H1Z1 landmarks and ready for all out Battleroyale mayhem.

Outbreak was designed for enhancing H1Z1’s already frenetic gameplay. For veterans of H1Z1, some familiar looking landmarks have made their appearance while still featuring new terrain, points of interest and general improvements to the Z1 environment. Outbreak is now available for Solos, Duos and Fives Modes on PC.

The new map isn’t the only part of the update, though. H1Z1 has overhauled gameplay mechanics including how players run, jump and interact with the world to keep everything fast-paced and fun.

This massive update for H1Z1 is now live and available on PC, but it’s easy to see it coming to PS4 eventually, especially with its success in beta on PS4 at the moment.