Last Call for Williams/Bally Tables on The Pinball Arcade

The clock is ticking and the deadline is just about here.  At the end of the day on Saturday June 30 all the classic Williams and Bally tables will no longer be available for The Pinball Arcade, and barring another company picking up the license and recreating them from scratch it doesn’t seem likely they’ll be available again digitally in any form.  Black Knight, High Speed, Addams Family, Doctor Who, Black Rose, Eight Ball Deluxe, and literally dozens more are gone for good, 61 machines in total.  If you own them they’re yours forever, but if not then now is the time to fill in any holes in the collection.  Unfortunately the contract FarSight Studios has with the rights holder prohibits any more sales, so the Steam Summer Sale or any other platform’s events don’t impact the price in any way, but no matter the cost it’s now or never.

As for the future of The Pinball Arcade, the remaining tables are being regrouped into new packs and Stern will now be the major focus.  The new Ghostbusters is already part of Season 7, but the remaining Stern Pinball Arcade titles will be integrated into the main game for Season 8, plus a few more to round out the package.  There will also be fixes and other updates for all tables, although it’s hard to imagine there will be too many updates for the ones no longer available.  The Pinball Arcade is about to take a heavy hit with the loss of some of the best machines ever made, but if you can act quick there’s still a little time to get as complete a library as possible as the platform adapts to its loss.