Steep Live Activities Season 2 Arrives Next Week

The second season of Steep’s Live Activities is almost here. Players can compete in all-new activities to get in-game rewards starting July 1 through September 29. Each month, Steep will provide competitors with unique events in Season 2, named Victory Yama. In-game rewards include a Victory Yama equipment set for your riders.

July kicks off the event with Steep World Tour Pro Racer tracks, Ubisoft Club weekly challenges and a Ubisoft Club community challenge. August has you brushing off your wing-suit with a Steep World Tour Wingsuit Extreme event in addition to the Ubisoft Club challenges. September will test your creativity with the Steep World Tour Freestyle event. Sales and experience events will also be made available throughout the season. Get ready to shred the slopes as Victory Yama beings July 1.