Tempest 4000 Gets Official Release Date At Last

The amazing thing about about plans is how rarely they run smoothly, but even so Tempest 4000 has had a bumpier ride than most.  Originally planned on coming out around Christmas 2017, the game got lost in limbo for a while.  It emerged from the mists of legend for all of a few hours on the PS4 before being engulfed in the fog again, but now there’s a final, official end-point to the journey.  Tempest 4000 is coming out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on July 17, digitally everywhere and with physical console versions being available in North America.

Tempest 4000 is the third and final official Tempest game from Llamasoft.  Originally released as TxK on Vita, there was some unpleasant legal wrangling that ended with it being updated to an true part of the series.  Then the certification process for two consoles dropped the game into a bout of development hell, but as of now it’s all over but the distribution.  Next up is release in a hair under three weeks, playing until your eyes bleed wobbly neon particles, and maybe staring pointedly at Atari until it contracts with Llamasoft to add VR as a post-launch update.