Toe Jam & Earl: Back in the Groove Goes for Funky Self-Publishing this Fall

Just because it’s been a little quiet on the Toe Jam & Earl front over the last year doesn’t mean the game isn’t ready to make some noise.  Development is wrapping up and the hip-hop aliens have an official launch window of Fall 2017, but there are a few extra wrinkles in its groove.  Nothing that makes a lot of difference to the end-user, thankfully, but still something worth noting.  Toe Jam & Earl: Back in the Groove started its return as a Kickstarter project and, after a successful run, got picked up by Adult Swim. It’s been shown off at the Adult Swim booth at several trade shows, and the partnership helped the game come to multiple consoles including the Nintendo Switch.  Due to scheduling conflicts, however, that partnership is now a flaming wreckage barreling over a cliff into a sea of acid-tipped spikes.  Sorry, correction- over with an amiable parting of the ways.  Adult Swim had a schedule that didn’t fit with Toe Jam & Earl’s completion, and with the options being Wait Longer of Go Full Indie, the latter choice was the way to go.  There’s only a few months left before the funk washes over the confused Earthlings and tries to knock the Dork right out of them, and whether the game has an Adult Swim logo or not it’s still a welcome return for a series that’s been dormant and groove-less far too long.