Turn Your Overwatch Collection from Treasure to Trash with the Junkrat Nendoroid

It’s not everyday you get to enjoy some mayhem, unless you are Junkrat! He’s a character from the popular online shooter– Overwatch. He loves setting up traps and creating total havoc to eliminate other players. Now, a Nendoroid figure of Junkrat has been announced!

This item features the adorable chibi style of the series; even turning the unhinged scrapper into something cute. You receive a couple of different face plates to attach to the head which is actually double jointed allowing for more unique poses. All the details are here from the top of his spiky hair to the bottom of his metallic peg leg. Included with the figure are a number of tiny toys. The frag launcher, steel trap, and mines are here. You can even launch his RIP-Tire ability on unsuspecting victims.

Junkrat is available to pre-order from June 29 until August 9. However, the figure won’t actually be released until January 2019. If junkratting is your game then you will want to add his Nendoroid to your display.