VA-11 Hall-A, 2064: ROM, and Xenon Valkyrie+ From LRG on Friday

This week’s batch of releases from Limited Run Games is primarily Vita and adventure-focused, featuring two long-awaited titles plus a roguelike platformer to add a bit of variety to the day.  The spotlight is evenly divided between 2064: Read Only Memories and Va-11 Hall-A, two high-profile cyberpunk stories that have built themselves strong fan-bases in the years they’ve been out.  2064: ROM is the more traditional adventure of the two, where you need to solve the mystery of what happened to the creator of the world’s first truly sentient AI.  Va-11 Hall-A, on the other hand, sees you pouring the drinks as a bartender to hear the stories of your patrons, finding the right mix to influence the story and maybe help things turn out as ok as possible.  The third game, Xenon Valkyrie+, is the odd one out, being a roguelike action-platformer where you tear through randomized levels carving up everything in your path with whatever weapons you find along the way.

2064: Read Only Memories comes in both a standard version (2,000 copies) and Collector’s (1,500 copies), as does Va-11 Hall-A (4,800 Standard, 2,300 Collector’s).  Xenon Valkyrie+ gets the one standard version apiece, Vita and PS4. (2,300 copies each).  If you get the fancy versions of 2064:ROM and Va-11 Hall-A, they each come with magnets in the spine to link the boxes up and the gatefold covers unfold into a single unbroken scene with characters from the two games hanging out together, which should look awfully nice decorating any Vita collector’s shelves.