Embrace the Darkness with Pokémon TCG Forbidden Light

Pokémon games as of recently have been showing off great storylines. There has been more emphasis on them and with greater consequences. But the trading card game has always been a step ahead. It always has something interesting to tell as it doesn’t abide by the standards of the video game world. The latest expansion of the card series, however, sort of falls in-between.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Necrozma threatens existence. Half of the Ultra Recon Squad wants to stop it while the others wish to use its power. Forbidden Light features Necrozma recently absorbing the power of a legendary Pokémon. The rest of the Pokémon in existence must either choose to side with it or go up against it. So let’s see exactly what’s in store for your card battles with some items provided by TriplePoint PR.

First we have a double dose of decks with Tropical Takedown and Twilight Rogue. The former features Alolan Exeggutor on the cover. It’s cleverly packaged as the long, neck divides the window of the box. Its contents, however, are what really counts. Alolan Exeggutor comes in with 160 HP which is good to start. Its attack is Tropical Shake which deals a measly 20 damage, but you add 20 more for every basic energy card in your discard pile (but can’t exceed 100). This ups its value as a member of your team and would benefit from going third or fourth in the battle, depending on varying circumstances. As long as there’s a good amount of energy cards in the pile, Exeggutor could wipe out plenty of threats. Alolan Sandslash comes with the deck as well and makes for a fair sweeper. Its ability allows you to draw a card before attacking which helps plan for future moves. Smash Turn needs three energy cards but wallops opponents with 50 damage; doing so means you have to switch it with a benched Pokémon. So, if you need to deal some quick damage and can swap into a beefier ally, Alolan Sandslash is handy.

Next, up is the Twilight Rogue themed deck with Dusk Lycanroc on the cover. This particular Lycanroc card has average HP with 120 and two attacks. First is Dangerous Rogue, which acts similar to Tropical Shake, as it deals 20 more for every Pokémon on your opponent’s bench. If they were smart and see this card on the field, they’ll want to refrain from stocking up. Lycanroc also has its signature Accelrock attack which deals a whopping 100! It lives up to its namesake by rocking you at an accelerated pace. The Dusknoir included, however, will help out with that strategy. Send it out first and you will be able to use its ability to place Pokémon from your opponent’s hand onto their bench. Then, attach 30 damage counters to it in the process! You can speed up how quickly you want to knock them out. Its Mind Jack attack does the same thing as Dangerous Rogue but with 30 instead of 20.

Both decks offer some hard-hitting action which means every opponent you face is going to have to step it up. There are a surprising amount of Dark and Ghost type Pokémon found in the decks. Perhaps that’s what happens when there is Forbidden Light. Strategizing shouldn’t be hard as most of the cards involved compliment each other in some way. Amateurs could fair well in tournaments with either set. As always, every item comes with codes to enter so you can play with all these cards for Pokémon TCG Online.

We also received a Dawn Wings Necrozma-GX tin. A magnificently embossed image of the hybrid Pokémon is featured on front. A printed depiction of it as well as its Dusk Mane counterpart are on each side. It’s a great item for collectors and anyone with plenty of Pokémon cards to carry around. Place all your Pokémon knickknacks in there for trips and events. Since you get the tin, the card automatically comes with. Dawn Wings Necrozma starts out as a Basic Pokémon which already makes it powerful. There is no need for evolutions so you can get right into the action. Its ability allows you to switch it into the fray if it’s on the bench. That means, once you have attached three Psychic energy cards, you can unleash its Dark Flash attack which deals 120 damage and ignores resistance. If you want to get risky and use the GX move, Moon’s Eclipse, it could help out in a jam as long as you have more prize cards than the opponent. It deals 180 damage and prevents all effects and damage to Dawn Wings Necrozma during the opponent’s next turn.

There are booster packs inside the tin which are fun and we got sent a bunch of them in addition to everything else. They are always a joy to open with suspense at every chance. Ultra Necrozma-GX would be the prize when tearing through every booster. It has unbelievable moves and abilities with huge HP. You could find legends and mythical Pokémon such as Volcanion and Diancie or encounter Ultra Beasts such as Naganadel and Xurkitree. Of course, you may end up with seventy Flabébé cards which may or may not come in handy during battles. All in all, the Forbidden Light series stacks up with high offense, quick strikes and major attacks. Find them in stores now so you can embrace the darkness and unleash powerful victories.