New Stage and Weapons Coming to Splatoon 2

After the huge Octo Expansion earlier this month and all kinds of new goodies revealed at E3, Splatoon 2 is promising its players with plenty of content to keep them busy. Mixed in with some of those announcements were the mention of new weapons and stages. Inklings are about to get both to check out soon!

First up is the Ballpoint Splatling. With a name like that you have probably guessed it is based off a pen and you’re right. But not just any kind, it’s the one where you can choose which color ink you want so it’s like four-in-one! But in Splatoon 2 it’ll only match your team’s color. However, it is a pretty clever design and comes with Toxic Mist sub and the Inkjet special. It boasts different firing rates which will come in handy for both Ranked and Turf.

The other weapon revealed is the Explosher. This Slosher-style selection is going to really pack a punch. It can fling ink at great distances and creates a bit of an explosion upon making contact with surfaces. It comes with a Sprinkler to keep enemies pushed back even more and the Bubble Blower special also helps with long-range attacks. The Explosher is one weapon you will want to avoid at all costs and take down quickly.

Next is a brand new stage to explore called New Albacore Hotel. It’s unclear what happened to the old one but this is a very luxurious location to engage in battle. There is a lot of water around the map which is going to be tough to avoid. Try sticking to higher locations and keep an eye on the bridge to keep enemies from pushing forward.

Both the weapon and stage will be made available on June 30. So, get your tentacles at the ready for more Splatoon 2 content.