Square Enix Collective to Bring Sandbox MMO Boundless to PC

Remember Boundless? It was, as we had basically put it, a possible mix of Minecraft and No Man’s Sky that looked rather impressive when it was showcased back at the 2016 PlayStation Experience. Of course, the game has been in development since 2014 and has entered Early Access since then, but it still feels like it has slipped under the radar a bit. But now it appeared back on the radar again, with Square Enix Collective announcing that it would now be publishing the PC version of the game.

A first-person MMO crafting game with a massive procedurally generated sandbox, Boundless features a series of distant worlds where exploration and experimentation are encouraged, as everything from structures to politics and the economy are crafted entirely by the players. The Square Enix Collective team has apparently gotten quite addicted to this first-person potential gem, which is hopefully a good sign. With this announcement, it was also mentioned that version 1.0 of Boundless is set to be released later this year (at least for the PC version), starting everything over, so make sure to keep an eye out for it.