The Summer Grind Continues for Destiny 2 Honing Crucible, Prestige Raids

Bungie has found a steady rhythm for the time in between all the Summer content planned out and the launch of the Forsaken. In this week’s weekly check-in, Bungie lays out more glory for Faction Rallies and Crucible while getting Guardians ready for Prestige Raid Lairs.

Looking at the road ahead, Bungie has planned a steady stream of PvE and PvP content that should keep Guardians busy all Summer long — i.e. the Return of Faction Rallies this week, but not in a frustrating grindy way; more a chilling with friends blasting aliens’ way. Just look at this image below:

Bungie is excited to reveal what they’ve been working on for Crucible, but not all the cards are on the table, yet, what is known is; 6v6 playlist will be a permanent fixture in Quickplay. Supremacy is being removed from the pool of available game modes but will remain in the weekly featured playlist. Control will now have a score of 150-win condition. Clash will have a 100 score win condition. And Rumble is making a permanent return. It’s plenty to look forward to for PvP players, but what about the PvE side of things?

Guardians have been patient in waiting for both Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars Raid Lairs to finally have Prestige modes, but the wait won’t be much longer. Bungie is anticipating (with good reason) that players will be hitting Prestige Raid Lairs hard looking for 400 power level weapons which will be the only way to acquire them; complete a weekly Raid Lair and Guardians are guaranteed a 400 Power raid weapon drop [this applies to any raid weapon not specific to the Raid Lair.] As for 400 Power Armor, the only way to acquire that is by participating in the Summer Solstice event.

Prestige Lairs will be adding new modifiers for the first time asking Guardians to use specific weapon loadouts such as Auto Rifle/Submachine Gun/ Sniper Rifle or Scout Rifle/Hand Cannon/Rocket Launchers. The goal is to get Guardians interacting with the toughest content in Destiny 2 in new ways that are sure to prove fun as they are challenging. The Raid Lair modifiers plus the weapon loadout modifier should keep each weekly reset feeling fresh while also providing insight into how certain weapons might synergize that maybe might never have been realized, because you’ve been using only one loadout for everything.

The Summer is popping for Destiny 2 and the shooting is good. Bungie has laid out a solid roadmap for the weeks ahead and seems to be doing their best in communicating what Guardians can expect from week-to-week. Stay tuned for more news all things Destiny 2, as always, and see you in space Guardian.