Alienware, Dell Show Off Expected Updates, Surprises

When it comes to PCs that are just beasts when it comes to gaming, Alienware is one of the brands that immediately springs to mind. They have a tendency to be at the forefront when it comes to improving gaming hardware to provide the best possible PC gaming experience and E3 is a good arena for them to show off the newest things they have in store for the coming year. This year was of course no exception, as there were plenty of things of interest at their booth.

Options for high quality gaming headsets is not something the market is currently lacking, as you can basically name your price and what you consider important and find something that fits your needs. Alienware has decided to step into this arena and introduced their first wireless gaming headset. Based on Alienware’s computers the expectations for this headset were set pretty high just based on the brand, and based on a short demo session this thing sounds like a beast. The sound inside of the headset felt like I was inside of a movie theater, where everything was clear with its distinct sound with the rumbling of thunderous bass provided by the Neodymium 40mm drivers.

The Alienware headset features acoustic signature presets and customizable sound profiles so players can mix the sound to suit their own preferences. The mic position is adjustable, allowing players to move it closer to their mouth to reduce background noise and a Game/Chat volume mixer so the right balance between conversation and the game can be reached. Voice notifications alert the user for battery life. For those who enjoy brand recognition the iconic design elements include two LED lighting that can be customized with AlienFX. This headset is currently available and starts at $229.

On a similar note, Alienware debuted their new Sound Center utility to the Alienware Command Center. This new utility is part of the next generation of the Alienware Command Center and is designed to help users create and manage preset and custom audio profiles. By linking directly to connected playback, users will be allowed to customize their sound for the perfect soundscape. Four key components are used in this utility, which are Audio Effects, Multiband EQ, Microphone Control and Audio Recon directional overlay, which indicates direction and proximity of in game sounds such as gunfire or footsteps. This feature is now available worldwide on newly launched 2018 models of Alienware Area 51 and Alienware 15 and 17 laptops.

With video games moving from something people do for fun at home into the competitive world of professional esports it was only a matter of time before gamers wanted to start training in video games the same way people with all star dreams train in real sports. The newly introduced Alienware Academy, partnered with Tobii and Team Liquid, is an online training portal that gives players lessons and feedback. This online training platform is designed to help amateur gamers develop the skill and strategies to play like a profession esports athlete. The Alienware Academy is is currently in a closed beta with video lessons on Counter Strike: Global Offensive though the curriculum will expand to other games in the future. One of the cooler features that an Alienware demonstrated was the Tobii enabled eye tracking that will record the amount of time it takes for a player to shift their focus to specific target, which can be used to train a player to improve their visual reaction time.

The Alienware name carries great gaming hardware, but as Peter Parker’s uncle said great gaming hardware comes with a great price tag, or something along those line. Comics were never really my thing. But the teaming up between Dell and Alienware has led to some pretty good gaming PCs that don’t cost the same as a couple months mortgage payment. The Inspiron Gaming Desktop is Dell’s gaming PC that was released this June with a 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen processor that can handle the latest gaming titles with ease. Other features of this PC include an intelligent thermal design to maximize airflow so the thing doesn’t burst into flames during PC gaming, content creation or a VR adventure. There is USB Type-C 3.1 port, up to six USB 3.0 ports, optional dual drive high capacity hard drive and a SSD option up to five bays for future upgrades. This machine starts at $849.