Screenshot Saturday Featuring To Hell With Hell, DARQ, Many More

Hello, and welcome back to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where the potential indie hits of the future are showcased through little snippets of works in progress through Twitter! Now, with the Steam Summer Sale still in effect, a ton of developers were using the tag to promote the discounts on their latest games, but as we can see here, there was still definitely room to show off the stars of sales yet to come. So without further ado, let’s get right to the games!

To Hell With Hell- For those of you still disappointed with Agony due to it delivering a substandard game about escaping from Hell, allow us to present this new entry instead, a twin-stick roguelike about a stripper that dons various disguises to gain special powers in order to escape the demon-filled depths. All of the insanity, except now with a tongue-in-cheek flavor that actually seems fun!

Oceans- One of those mysterious games that pops up every few Screenshot Saturdays where you have little information concerning the game itself – just that it’s about a masked man journeying through some ruins, as of right now – but it just looks so drop dead gorgeous that you can’t resist it. This one shot of a snowy mountain battle alone is quite stunning, to say the least.

The Last Friend- Is beat-’em-up/tower defense a hybrid that’s been done in the indie scene yet? Well, whether it has or hasn’t, Stonebot’s new game aims to still make an impression, featuring what looks like a nice mix of action and strategy set in a post-apocalyptic world where you have to defend a mobile dog shelter from mutant attacks. Damn puppy-hating mutants…

DARQ- A psychological horror game where you can bend gravity and physics in order to escape the nightmares in your own dream world. So while the aesthetics evoke a Tool video, the gameplay is more Lionel Richie. But seriously, it looks impressive so far, with a nice bit here where you basically wreck a piano to create an opening.

Demon’s Tilt- In hindsight, why the heck has no one tried to revive console pinball games such as Devil’s Crush yet? Why not pay ode to one of the TurboGrafx-16’s best? Well, it thankfully looks like it’s getting the spiritual successor it deserves now, complete with a massive amount of bullets and flames.

Kemono Heroes- Okay, this looks like a pretty sweet co-op arcade platformer with several cool nods to Japanese mythology, as seen with the human-faced plant yokai here, but more importantly, this now makes the THIRD retro 16-bit platforming fantasy game starring a fox this year, after Fox n Forests and Furwind. Granted, the fox is only one of four playable characters this time, but where did this incredibly specific subgenre come from??

My Brother Rabbit- A hand-painted point-and-click adventure game about two children coping with an illness through imagination, dreaming up a surreal land where a rabbit faces a journey that parallels their own situation. And it’s a testament to how good the game looks that I mistook these screenshots for just concept art at first glance.

Shot One- You know, the #screenshotsaturday and #cutiesaturday hashtags sadly don’t seem to cross over that much, which is odd, given that the latter tends to include more than a few video game characters. But befitting an ode to the Neo-Geo and its futuristic sports titles, Volley here is a cute character indeed, even with all the details showcasing parts of her animation.

Valfaris- What happens when a sci-fi heavy metal album cover gets turned into a side-scrolling action game? You get a title such as this, obviously. And glad to see that the invasion of a massive space fortress is still going to have some bright sections to provide a nice contrast to the skull-studded structures and such.

Dépanneur Nocturne- A short adventure game about messing around in a convenience store while trying to find a last-minute gift for your partner. Oh, and it’s also about screwing around with geometry like you were Symmetra, it would seem. But this is definitely a sign that this won’t just be one ordinary trip for late-night snacks like it usually is.

Inmost- Described as a story-driven puzzle-platformer, not much is known about the game at the moment, but even simple yet striking shots such as this create a terrifically haunting atmosphere, one that we can’t wait to see more of. And if the message here is any indication, we won’t have to wait longer…

Feudal Alloy- Even if you hadn’t told me what the actual gameplay was like, if you pitched nothing but the above cinematic to me, which features thieving fish-controlled medieval robots, you would have instantly sold me on the game. The fact that it appears to be a well-constructed metroidvania action title certainly helps as well.

Heart Forth, Alicia- Ah, Heart Forth, Alicia. It’s been a while since you were first announced, but we keep looking forward to your impressive metroidvania gameplay and lush hi-bit graphics. Even a slight taste of a simple enemy like this shows off all of the effort you’re putting into things, so we can’t wait to see what the full game will be like.

Cosmo’s Quickstop- Experience the difficulties of working in an intergalactic gas station as you run a round in third-person performing multiple tasks, surrounded by a quirky cast of characters. We don’t know if they all break out into a dance party like the one seen here, but it would be a welcome addition.

Steamhounds- More of a whole gameplay clip, but one that shows off this multiplayer tactical RPG rather nicely. It looks like intriguing stuff, but to be honest, I’m really just a sucker for good pixel art and giant steam-powered robots, which this game obviously has in good supply.

Evasion- And finally, as it is now officially Canada Day up here, here’s a salute to the fellow Canadians behind an impressive-looking VR first-person shooter, and the character that’s meant to keep you alive through the massive bullet hell it delivers. Happy Canada Day, everyone!