Apex Construct Brings VR Experience to North American Retailers This Month

Perp Games and Fast Travel Games today announced an official launch date for the physical release of Apex Construct in North America.

The first-person action-adventure VR title, which has previously been available for PlayStation 4 and PC, will retail at $29.99 and is slated for release on July 31.

Apex Construct

Official box art for Apex Construct.

PS4 owners must have access to a PlayStation Camera and PlayStation VR headset to play Apex Construct.

Plans for Apex Construct to move from digital to physical distribution were first announced in April.

Fast Travel specifically developed Apex Construct “from the ground up exclusively for virtual reality,” bringing a “creative blend of precision-based combat and puzzle-solving exploration, all wrapped in a colorful, yet bleak future overrun by hostile synthetic creatures.”

Apex Construct’s story transports players to a post-apocalyptic world, focusing on the long conflict between two AI beings. Players assume control of the last human alive, with the mission of uncovering the mysteries behind the extinction of all organic life.

Apex Construct provides freedom for players to upgrade their weapons and customize their bases, as well as allowing them to replay through missions to discover secret locations.

“Questioning the potentially dangerous impact of sentient technology is a topic that we can address in our media in a lot of interesting ways,” says Mickey Torode, director of publishing at Perp Games.

“Apex Construct takes a unique approach. The bow and arrow combat really enhance the feeling of a return to the rudimentary human existence, echoing back to early hunting techniques that adds a rawness and urgency to the fights.”