N. Sane Trilogy Returns to Top of UK Charts for Eighth Time

It would seem that there’s still an appetite for Crash Bandicoot’s acclaimed return to the forefront, at least on both Xbox One and Switch with the release of the N. Sane Trilogy on both console platforms last week. So much of an appetite that not only has it returned to the number one spot for the eighth time in the UK, since its original release on PS4 in June last year — forcing Ubisoft’s middlingly-received The Crew 2 into second place as a result — but it’s already been confirmed that, physically alone, the N. Sane Trilogy has already sold half a million copies in the UK alone, with the Xbox version only just outselling the Switch version by a mere 250 copies.

If you include digital sales not only for Xbox and Switch, but for PC too — where, on Steam, the game is already rated as “Overwhelmingly Positive” by users — outside of the UK on top of that, then it means the N. Sane Trilogy has now more than likely smashed the three million copies mark — the game having already sold 2.5 million prior to its launch on other platforms. FIFA 18 came in third place with last week’s number one, Mario Tennis Aces, slipping into fourth place. Regardless of anything outside the top spot, no doubt the only real talking point is Crash’s (and Vicarious Visions’ lest we forget) continued success both critically and commercially — proof that little love has been lost for the traditional, A-to-B platformer.