Rogue-Lite Crying Suns Kicks Off Kickstarter Campaign, Demo Now Available

Developer Alt Shift has confirmed the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for Crying Suns.

The rogue-lite story-driven title needs to reach $25,000 in the next 29 days to be funded, with Crying Suns off to a strong start as it sits on $7,749 at the time of this writing.

Crying Suns will arrive on PC and macOS first, retailing at $19.99 on Steam. Alt Shift has also said that an iPad version will launch soon after its initial release.

An early backer’s copy, set at a $12.00 pledge tier, can be purchased from Crying Suns’ Kickstarter page, which includes a backer getting their name included in the credits, a digital copy of the title for their chosen platform and news and updates from Alt Shift on the project.

Alongside its Kickstarter, the indie developer has dropped a new trailer for Crying Suns (seen below) and released a playable demo for PC and macOS. The demo can be downloaded from Crying Suns’ Kickstarter page.

According to Alt Shift, Crying Suns has a release window set for late 2018 to early 2019.

Crying Suns has players assuming the role of an admiral of a space fleet and exploring a dying galaxy. Inspired by sci-fi works such as Foundation, Dune and Battlestar Galactica, Crying Suns’ six-chapter story will have players learning about the fall of the Galactic Empire and attempting to save it from destruction.

Crying Suns features a procedurally generated universe and over “300 possible story events (various possible actions and outcomes in each).”

“We came up with the idea for Crying Suns in the summer of 2015,” Alt Shift said. “Since then, it has grown into a very wide and deep creative project: more than 300 pages of background story, events and dialogues, numerous character factions and sub-factions, etc.

“Limited by our independent studio means, we had to make some drastic choices (dropping a few character factions or costly features like additional cutscenes) to make this game a reality. However, with your help, we can bring Crying Suns to another level of quality and depth, closer to our original crazy ideas.”