Australian Classification Board Rates Taiko No Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun! for Switch

Many have been skeptical of the chance for a release of the latest Taiko No Tatsujin title seeing release in the west due to its past history, but it seems to be more likely than ever given a recent rating in Australia. The rating, which is G as one might expect, received its classification in mid June and seemingly went unnoticed until just recently. It’s possible that this could be tied in with the fact that South East Asia is receiving an English patch for the title and those in the west could receive a translated version to play. It’s interesting to also note that the title is kept as Taiko No Tatsujin rather than the previous PS2 title of Taiko Drum Master, but it’s unclear if it means anything or not for localization.

Those interested can check out the classification below: