Check Out Twelve Minutes of Headsnatchers’ Roulette Mode

Iceberg Interactive and developers Iguanabee are all set to drop their new head-popping party game Headsnatchers into Early Access early next week, where gamers will get a chance to test out its variety of quirky minigames and heavily customizable heads. But should you need a sneak peek before the release, then Iceberg has you covered, providing a brand-new twelve-minute gameplay clip showing off the Roulette Mode, which you can naturally check out below.

Taking the form of a game show where the events are determined by the spin of a wheel, we see our contestants engaging in baseball, bowling, pirate shenanigans, and more, all with the goal of being the least head standing and ripping off their opponents’ temples to either use as part of the objective or just to gain an advantage. It promises some fun gameplay (and fantastic prizes!), so if you’re interested, make sure to check out Headsnatchers when it enters Early Access for PC on July 10.