Devolver Digital Boast ‘Over A Dozen’ Games Coming to Switch This Year

With the recent transitioning from June to July, we have now officially entered the second half of 2018 and while there’s still a lot to look forward to in the latter six months of the year, perhaps there are no better publishers out there with a plethora of titles to keep an eye on (no matter the month or even year), than Devolver Digital. So much so that the publisher has even come out and proclaimed that, for the Switch alone, there are “over a dozen” games still to be released in the coming year for the platform. It’s hard to say though if this means the remaining six months or the next twelve month period.

Naturally, a large chunk (if not all) these games will likely make an appearance on other consoles and PC, but it certainly looks like Devolver Digital are only amping up their third party support for Nintendo’s hybrid-console. How much of these will be “back catalog releases” as Devolver describe, or entirely new projects, we’ll have to wait and see but the now-beloved publisher of smaller, independant titles, will certainly have the respect and indeed attention of many over the coming months.