Haunting Mobile Puzzle Game Fracter Gets a Launch Trailer

Whenever a game describes itself as a cross of two relatively recent and acclaimed games, one may have reason to be suspicious. After all, if a game bills itself as being “Inside meets Monument Valley,” then it becomes easy to imagine just how ridiculously high the bars have been set. Luckily for developers 4L Games, their upcoming mobile puzzle game Fracter looks quite intriguing, and may just actually stand a chance at coming close to those bars.

The premise is quite simple, requiring you to set out on a quest to restore light to a darkened, monochrome fantasy world. But as seen in the launch trailer below, not only will players have to deal with puzzles involving rotating scenery, light, and more, but also some rather creepy denizens that can chase you around. Appropriately enough, Fracter comes to iOS and Android next week on Friday the 13th, so fans of both brain-teasers and horror had best keep an eye out for it.