Get Ready to Fight Nude with Kill la Kill Reveal Trailer

People get hung up on clothes and their meaning, but no matter how ridiculous the outfit it’s the person inside that lends it power.  Kill la Kill was a giant action-packed high-school fighting anime packed with more high-energy madness in 22 minutes than many series manage in the entire run, and while it may not have hit the heights of the director’s previous series, Gurran Lagan, it was certainly close.  Each episode saw the stern-faced Ryuko getting closer to the heart of the conspiracy that killed her father, fighting her way to the top wearing a ridiculously revealing combat outfit and wielding half a giant scissor.  Each week’s enemy was a member of one school organization or another, and the uniform of the week was powered by life threads that granted power based on the activity.  Band members fought with sound, the tennis club with racket and balls, etc.  The power of the fighter was defined by their uniform, and Ryuko cut through them all as the each confrontation got bigger than the last.  How on earth it took this long for a setup like that to get a videogame is anyone’s guess, but it’s finally been announced at today’s opening of Anime Expo in the form of the straightforardly-titled Kill la Kill the Game: IF.

Kill la Kill is looking to be a 3D arena combat fighter, which plays fairly directly to Arc System Works’ strengths.  The Anime Expo demo contains Ryuko and her school-president rival Satsuki going head to head in an empty lot in the slums, trading blows and special attacks at a furious pace.  The trailer below is mostly anime clips but has a little gameplay in there, but if the game remains true to the anime there should be plenty of over-the-top fighters waiting to be revealed.  Right now you’ll just have to imagine them, or at least take an educated guess based on the anime, but now that Kill la Kill the Game: IF is officially revealed the details should be coming along at a steady pace.