NBA Live 19 Pre-Order 33% Off if Done Through NBA Live 18 Menu

This is a bit of a strange way to discount a pre-order. In a way, it is a bonus to NBA Live 18 players. You can open NBA Live 18 and choose the option to pre-order NBA Live 19. Players will get 33% off the price. This essentially makes the game $40. If you are on Xbox One and have EA Access, the game can be pre-ordered for $35.99. This can be found by scrolling down in the main menu. NBA Live 18 actually released for $40 at its launch to try and lure players over from NBA 2K. This is something that, ironically, 2K did back in 2004 with its NFL 2K5 as it was released as a brand new game for $19.99 to lure over Madden players. This caused EA to grab the exclusive NFL license. NBA Live 19 will be available in stores on September 7.