Dead Frontier 2 Gets Steam Early Access Release Date, Launch Trailer

Developer Creaky Corpse has confirmed that Dead Frontier 2 will be heading to Steam Early Access on August 31.

The free-to-play MMO survival horror title has received a launch trailer (posted below) alongside its release date, showing off its combat mechanics in action against the infected.

Players take control of survivors following an infected outbreak, requiring them to search for supplies and improve their skills. Dead Frontier 2 allows players to team up with others to fight back against the infected, as well as trading with one another in “a realistic player-driven economy.”

According to the developer, Dead Frontier 2 supports an “Ethical free-to-play” model, meaning that in-game purchases can be used for cosmetic items and utility upgrades that do not improve players’ advantage over others.

Creaky Corpse posted on Dead Frontier 2’s Steam page that it aims to release the title within the next two years, with Early Access providing time to “have all our planned features complete.”

“We think Dead Frontier 2 is [a] pretty great game, but we don’t feel it can reach its full potential without feedback from real players,” Creaky Corpse added. “In addition, we didn’t think it was fair to keep our fans waiting any longer [for the game].”