EVE Online Celebrates Minmatar Liberation Day with Dawn of Liberation Event and Announces the Results of Council of Stellar Management Election

In celebration of Minmatar Liberation Day, EVE Online will have an active Dawn of Liberation event taking place July 10 through July 24. During this event players may join in the struggle to liberate the Minmatar people from their oppressors through a range of objectives to tackle, from battling slaver ships, to bounty hunting, to rescuing slaves from enemy ships or Human Containment Facilities. Players who take part in this anti-slavery crusade can rack up Agency points to use for unlocking future rewards such as Cerebral Accelerators, Fireworks and exclusive limited time SKINs.

“The Republic has been working to find a way to allow capsuleers and traders alike to help with the liberation of slaves without putting any unwarranted burden on the liberators,” said Paul Elsy, EVE Online’s Senior Community Manager. “To this end, there’ve been considerations of providing haulers that help with the transport of rescued slaves, beginning the process of assisting them with reintegrating back into society. However, without any incentive, many capsuleers and traders have avoided participating. With this event, there’s more reason than ever to get involved in the fight for freedom, with a whole myriad of rewards on offer.”

In other EVE Online news, CCP Antiquarian discusses some of the changes coming forth in EVE Online including the results of the CSM 13 in the video below.