Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars DLC Comes Next Week

Lost on Mars is Far Cry 5’s second set of post-launch DLC and takes us to Mars to fight off some monsters in a crazy, perfectly Far Cry way.

Lost on Mars will have you teleported to Mars to help your friend Hurk as he tries to take out the alien threat. New weapons like the Blaster of Disaster, the Hellfire, andĀ the Morphinator will be at your disposal, alongside the Space Jets, which will have you flying around the Red Planet. You can get the season pass for Far Cry 5 for $29.99 to receive access to all three DLC packs or individually for $9.99.

The third and final DLC will be called Dead Living ZombiesĀ and will feature, well, zombies. It will come out in August and will be available as part of the season pass or individually.