Review: Turtle Beach Stealth 300

Not that long ago Turtle Beach announced some new headsets they’re putting out this year and Hardcore Gamer got to put one of the new models through its paces. The Stealth 300 is the newest offering from their Stealth line of headsets which has many similarities to last year’s Stealth 600, but now in a tethered form. With the wired status, however, the price tag plummets down from its wireless older sibling’s price point. The Stealth 300 promises to offer a similar experience in a wired format at a lower cost which is a tall order to fill so let’s take a look at the specs and see how well this headset performs.

The audio connection is done with a standard 3.5mm input jack with a speaker frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz. This headset features large 50mm over ear speakers with Neodymium magnets that have four audio EQ presets that include Bass Boost, Signature Sound, Bass and Treble Boost and Vocal Boost. The battery is a rechargeable 900mAh lithium polymer which boasts an impressive forty hours of use so you can get through almost half of a JRPG on a single charge. It features the flip up microphone Turtle Beach has become known for, where it can be flipped out the way to quickly mute oneself and it blends into the rest of the headset. The volume of your own voice can be adjusted through the headset, so you never have to worry about being lost in the mix or end up shouting at your teammates. The headset is composed of a synthetic leather headband with foam cushioning and over ear closed fabric ear cuffs with memory foam cushioning. The head is charged with an included micro USB cable, with an easy to spot LED indicator to advise the user of the charging progress.

The Stealth 300 includes Turtle Beach’s ProSpecs Glasses Relief System to make them comfortable to wear for gamers with glasses. This dual layer foam system reduces pressure from the headset pressing against the glasses to alleviate discomfort. This feature has been tested with other Turtle Beach headsets but to be fair once again I played some games Tommy Wiseau style with sunglasses on and while it’s not quite as nice as playing with no glasses on it is noticeably more comfortable than some other over the ear headsets.

The amplified sound of these headset makes them much louder than what comes out of stock television speakers and does have more oomph than passive wired headsets. Some of the bells and whistles of the Stealth 700 aren’t present but saying this is the soul of a Stealth 600 trapped in the body of a Recon headset isn’t that far off. My personal preference is a lot of low end, and the Bass Boost preset does an adequate job of giving the sound that extra thump. The flip up mic is convenient, it seems to pick up my voice well enough for the other players hear and silences itself quickly when I have to rant about their idiocy but don’t want to start a mutiny against myself. During the preview process the Stealth 300 did deliver impressive sound quality to the game audio and also maintained the balance between game audio and chat audio. None of the sessions extended beyond the two hour mark, but during that time the headset did maintain an acceptable comfort level.

There are two different models of the Stealth 300, the Xbox One model with green highlights and the PlayStation 4 model with blue highlights. Both headsets will work on most devices with a 3.5mm input jack, such as any of the three main consoles, PC or mobile device the decision on which version to buy is more than a matter if you prefer blue or green highlights. Sony’s volume is set lower than the other consoles so without getting too technical the two versions are optimized differently. Basically, either model with work with all of your consoles, but it will work the best with the console it is designated for. If your console of choice is the Switch or Xbox One or anything that isn’t Sony, get the Xbox One model. If PlayStation 4 is your go to, your best bet to get to the one with blue highlights. The either model is at least serviceable on a variety of platforms but they do need to be properly paired with their intended system to unleash its full potential.

Closing Comments:

Turtle Beach has established a reputation for themselves as one of the top companies for gaming headsets. As such, whenever they launch a new product there are certain expectations it has to live up to and the Stealth 300 meets them. With the $79.99 price point the Stealth 300 is a middle tier headset but among the best available in that price bracket. The Stealth 300 has great sound, long battery life and allows for clear in game communication between players. While not offering all the features and quality of a $200-300 headset, the Stealth 300 is a great headset and a good compromise for people that want incredible sound without breaking the bank.

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