Code Vein Moves to a 2019 Release Date

Today Bandai Namco announced that Code Vein would be getting its release date pushed back to sometime in 2019 with no clear indication as to when.

As with many a pushback on release date Bandai Namco stated that with Code Vein having garnered such positive attention from its prerelease promotion campaign that the decision was made to dedicate additional time to develop Code Vein to present the best possible game set by the expectations of media and fans.

In a statement from Eric Hartness, Vice President of Marketing for Bandai Namco he backed up this decision saying:

Armed with knowledge of how well the game has already been received, we made the decision to postpone the release of CODE VEIN to further refine its gameplay in an effort to exceed the expectations fans already have of the title. It was a difficult decision to make, but we feel it is the correct one.

Code Vein is already looking like a slick romp in the post apocalypse with plenty of action, blood and kick a** moments to satiate any bloody appetite. Code Vein will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, again, sometime in 2019. Stay tuned for that release in the near future.