Dive Into the World of Twin Mirror with a Behind the Scenes Look

In a video put out today from Bandai Namco Oskar Guilbert, CEO of DONTNOD Entertainment talks upcoming title Twin Mirror and the town of Bassword, West Virginia.

The story of Twin Mirror will follow a man named Sam returning to his hometown where he will confront a number of significant brooding events. Oskar Guilbert doesn’t reveal too much about the narrative but assures players it will be a more adult tale with dark undertones.

Players will interact with the world through dialog choices, events in game and the usual RPG mechanics to be found. In fact, from the trailer and sit down with Guilbert alone, Twin Mirror is already looking much like recent DONTNOD title, Vampyr.

See the full interview below and get ready for whatever awaits Sam in Twin Mirror’s Bassword, West Virginia: