Pokémon Anime Skipping First Episode Since 2002

Those who don’t actively keep up with the Pokémon anime on television might not realize that its most-frequently seen new episodes air on Disney XD. Due to this, the next episode lined up to air is now planned to be skipped due to some familiar controversy. In the upcoming episode, which has already aired in Japan, Ash is seen growing close to a group of the Passimian where in he disguises himself as one and paints his face a muddy dark green. As this can be easily misconstrued as blackface due to the dark appearance of his face, it appears Disney XD has decided to forego the episode entirely instead of facing potential backlash similarly to how Jynx was previously handled in the anime before her appearance change.

It’s unknown at this time if the episode will be released on any other digital format in English or just entirely left undubbed.