Meta VR Game Pixel Ripped 1989 Hits All Platforms on July 31

Those with sharp memories may recall Pixel Ripped 1989, a VR title about playing a handheld game within a game that was originally set to come out on May 22. Obviously, that date has now come and gone, and with no game out yet, we can only assume that it was delayed. But have no fear, as not only has a new release date been announced, but it comes with news that the launch has been expanded to include all major VR platforms, with the new addition of PSVR.

As seen in the new release date trailer below, the game sees you playing as a second-grade kid named Nicola, helping their virtual friend Dot battle the evil Cyblin Lord, a villain that has the opportunity to break into the real world. Using their handheld console and other devices, Nicola assists Dot on their journey…all while trying to avoid being caught by their teachers and other people. It’s a unique twist on retro gaming, and we can’t wait for Pixel Ripped 1989 when it hits all VR platforms on July 31.