Phantom Doctrine Sneakily Secures an August 14 Release Date

Good Shepherd and CreativeForge Games’ upcoming Cold War strategy game Phantom Doctrine still continues to impress us, as our quick look from E3 can attest to. And now we only have to wait one more month before we get to managing our own espionage organization and maneuvering spies throughout missions in a fashion similar to XCOM and the like, as a release date has now been announced for the game, set to come out next month.

With this news comes a new cinematic trailer that you can check out below, mixing in real Cold War footage with some gameplay snippets, letting players get a feel for just what kinds of shady, tense situations they’ll be getting into…especially with the ending that we get a glimpse of. Chilling stuff indeed, and it should hopefully make for a terrific strategy game. We’ll see if that is indeed the outcome when Phantom Doctrine is released for PC, PS4, and XB1 on August 14.