Season 5 Begins for Fortnite

Between meteors, jetpacks, Thanos, and shopping carts, Fortnite Battle Royale has seen enough interesting developments over its various seasons that certainly keep things intriguing. And recently, mysterious rifts have now been appearing in the game, showing up in the sky and even sucking away objects, some of which have mysteriously turned up in real-world locations. And now with Season 5 having begun today, we see the affects of those rifts, as it appears that the real world is beginning to leak into Fortnite as well, as the trailer below suggests.

So the world of Fortnite is changing yet again, with structures such as viking ships and Moai heads being added to the battlefields, and new locations popping up as Moisty Mire gets hit by a drought, leaving Paradise Palms in its place and creating a new desert biome, along with the new Lazy Links area. All Terrain Karts now provide vehicles for up to four people to get around, and more mysterious rifts offering surprises and challenges can now be entered as well. You can check out the official patch notes for all of the changes, and watch the clip below for a peek at the contents of Season 5’s Battle Pass. So who else is excited to see where all of this insanity leads for Fortnite?