Vampyr Sells Just Short of Half a Million in First Month

Dontnod’s latest, vampiric tale set in the desolate streets of early-20th century London, Vampyr, has managed to rack up nearly half a million copies sold in its first month of release. The total figure stands closer to around 450,000 units and covers all platforms the game has been available for: PS4, Xbox One & PC. It should come as some comfort given that late last year, Cédric Lagarrigue, president of the game’s publisher, Focus Home Interactive, stated that the game needed to sell a cool million to be considered a success, though it may be deemed profitable if the game managed even half that.

Even so, for what many would consider a “AA” tier game with but a small amount of marketing and promotion put behind it, these figures certainly look healthy for its debut month, though there’s no denying Dontnod’s now-established name as a developer might have helped it significantly as well. From our point of view, despite a few visual blemishes and momentary frustrations along the way, we considered Dontnod’s follow-up title to the hugely-successful Life is Strange, to be an enjoyable affair throughout. One that really made player-choice impactful on the in-game events.