World War Two Shooter Battalion 1944 Gets Major Update

As you might expect with any game in Early Access, Bulkhead Interactive’s crowdfunded return to the previous love of World War Two-based first-person-shooters a la Battalion 1944, got off to a fair if somewhat rough start with what was essentially a continuing work-in-progress and despite there being a level of enjoyment and intrigue to be found in the title, prior to today, the early build was definitely (one hoped) a long way off the studio’s vision.

Fortunately, in response to player feedback, Bulkhead have today launched the game’s biggest update which covers visual, technical and even gameplay improvements throughout. Ranging from improved performance, a higher-quality sound engine, a new matchmaking system and even some new modes alongside. One of the stand-out new features though will likely be BattleRank, a Battle Pass-styled system split into seasonal periods of three months that will allow players to unlock exclusive cosmetic items. However, unlike a lot of games that have gone the way of implementing such systems, BattleRank will be made completely free.

You can read up on the full list of changes and improvements for Battalion 1944 here. You can catch a very brief and rather flashy teaser of the game’s additions in the new trailer Bulkhead put together below.