Mad Catz Sells TRITTON to Silkysea International Limited

Mad Catz Global Limited has announced today that it has sold its TRITTON gaming audio brand to California-based Silkysea International Limited. The assets sold by Mad Catz includes specific trademarks valid in the USA, China and Russia. With the Mad Catz brand returning in January 2018, it appears that the selling of TRITTON opens up some much needed free time. According to Lucian Lu, Executive Board of Directors for Mad Catz, “we have been overwhelmed with support from retail distributors and the gaming community, we remain highly focused on exceeding expectations. We are pleased to find a buy who can devote the time and resources needed to see the TRITTON line flourish.” TRITTON’s sale doesn’t leave Mad Catz without audio, however, with products like F.R.E.Q. stereo headset and the E.S. Pro+ ear buds still available. It appears this financial move hopes to give more attention to these other assets in the Mad Catz family.