Square Enix’s Octopath Traveler Launches Today

Hit the dusty trail with eight different protagonists in Octopath Traveler. Square Enix’s new old-school inspired RPG is now available wherever you go on the Nintendo Switch. With gorgeous graphics and a fully orchestrated soundtrack, Octopath hopes to bring old fans, and new, a fresh take on the RPG genre. Players will choose from eight different heroes to start their journey, and build their party from the remaining ones they meet along the way. Octopath promises the ability to switch between characters to enjoy each of their stories as they occur.

Each traveler has distinct abilities that can be used throughout the game. Specific abilities, or path actions, allow travelers to interact differently with townsfolk. Talents and character based abilities serve the player in different ways. Each traveler’s abilities help the player navigate the world, craft resources and even find new areas to explore. The turn-based battle system, relies heavily on the Break System. By breaking foes using their weaknesses, players are able to deal more damage. The combat system delves even deeper as protagonists can actually pick up a secondary job to unlock new abilities for enemy engagements. With new jobs come new customization of load-outs and even cosmetics. Octopath Traveler is all about choice that can be felt throughout the game. Octopath Traveler is out now for Nintendo Switch physically, or digitally through the eShop.