Steins;Gate Elite Bonuses, Switch Version Revealed

Spike Chunsoft, in partnership with MAGES, Inc., is releasing a new all-inclusive version of Steins;Gate early next year. This new compilation includes and HD remake of Steins;Gate: Linear Bonded Phenogram and ten additional stories on for the PC and PlayStation 4.

The Nintendo Switch is also getting a new Steins;Gate title, but it’s not Steins;Gate Elite. Instead, Switch owners will have the chance to play “8-Bit Adv Steins;Gate,” an 8-bit version of the game complete with chip-tune versions of the music. Both versions of the game are due out sometime in early 2019.

Those who don’t know all that much about Steins;Gate and would like an idea of what it’s like should check our our review of the most recent Steins;Gate game, Steins;Gate 0. It should be a good place to start.