Version 3.2.0 of Splatoon 2 is Now Available

If you haven’t been splatting in the last couple of days you missed out on some new additions to Splatoon 2. But that’s okay, now that we have made you aware of them, head back into the game to check everything out. The Octo Expansion brought a lot of content to the title but a new update helps clean everything else up.

Version 3.2.0 contains many adjustments to various aspects of the game. The new Pearl and Marina amiibo are compatible with the game to unlock some goodies. Main weapons have been given some tweaks such as expanded ink coverage radius, increased movement speed while shooting, decreased charging speed and more. A couple of subs and specials were also changed up. Issues causing glitches and splash damage were fixed. Ranked battles and Salmon Run also got some smoothing.

There is a whole lot of adjustments made with this update, check them all out on the official website. Stay tuned for future content which is set to include new weapons and stages as teased by the Splatoon Tumblr account.