Here are the Gladiators’ Comms for the Amazing Play on King’s Row

En route to the Los Angeles Gladiator’s 3-0 sweep of the London Spitfire on Wednesday, they pulled off one of the best plays of the season. Here are the comms for that play.

The Gladiators took an interesting flanking route for the first point of Kings Row. They used the Deathball comp and had a Zarya, Reinhardt, Lucio, Moira, D.Va and Brigitte. To start things off they immediately took a route that placed them behind Point A and went further back to get to the high ground. Using Lucio they moved as quickly as they could to avoid getting caught out, but also to potentially leave the Spitfire in doubt about who they saw.

Now, in OW even if you don’t see the champion, a few seconds after the game starts you can tab to see both team comps. So, when and if they Spitfire tabbed they saw Surefour on Brigitte, but right before the team descended from the high ground Surefour switched to Widowmaker as he never left the base. Grappled to the high ground in spawn and proceeded to get two great kills making it a 5 v 4 on the point.

The group capitalized on the lack of information they provided to the Spitfire and the rotation they would have to make as a result of their flank. It’s a beautiful play.