Nathan Fillion Stars as Nathan Drake in Uncharted Fan Film

Fans have long wanted actor Nathan Fillion to take on the role of Uncharted hero Nathan Drake, and now that dream has sort of come true.

Sony Pictures may not be moving forward with a Nathan Fillion led Uncharted film, but that hasn’t stopped Fillion and other fans of the franchise. The actor and director Allan Ungar (Gridlocked) have teamed up to release an Uncharted short film. The fifteen minute film starts Stephen Lang (Avatar, Terra Nova) as Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan, Mircea Monroe (Book Club, Magic Mike) as Elena Fisher, and Geno Segers (Banshee, Teen Wolf) as the main antagonist.

The film was produced as an independent fan film unaffiliated with Sony Pictures, Sony Interactive Entertainment, or Naughty Dog. Despite fan requests for an official Fillion-led Uncharted film, Sony Pictures allegedly has other plans for an Uncharted film. The film will supposedly follow a young Nathan Drake played by Tom Holland (Avengers: Infinity War, Spider-Man: Homecoming).

No word yet on when an official Uncharted film will be released. For now, though, we can enjoy this wonderfully produced fan film.