Crazed Racer Guts and Glory Now Available

Guts and Glory has been in Early Access for over a year and a half now, having been “brutally ridiculous” ever since we first took a look at it. But you can only contain insanity such as this for so long, and tinyBuild and developers HakJak Productions have deemed that now is the perfect time for a racing game where you can watch and old lady in a wagon tied to the back of a bicycle flail about, as seen in the launch trailer below. You can’t argue with that, really.

Taking place in Earth’s craziest game show, the goal is quite simple: Reach the end of the obstacle course where trying to avoid everything that’s out to kill you (“trying” being the key word here). To do so requires mastery of bicycles, ATVs, convertibles, and rocket-powered lawn chairs, all typically with more than one rider, just to spice things up. And the final version now has twenty-five new official tracks to dole out the punishment as well. Guts and Glory is available now on all major platforms, and may be one for challenge-seekers to take notice of.