Hollow Knight’s Final DLC, Gods and Glory, Comes This August

Even well after a year since its release, thins are still rosy as ever for Hollow Knight, Team Cherry’s independent insect-filled metroidvania game. The recent release of the Switch version has been lauded by several critics, and a steady stream of free DLC has ensured that fans keep coming back for more. But now is the time to bring out the final free content pack, and what will hopefully be the most impressive one, Gods and Glory, set to come out this August.

The expansion includes brand new bosses, NPCs, romance options, and secrets, along with an entirely new mode to unlock upon beating it…although the details behind this mode are still secret for now. What we have at the moment is is the new clip below, teasing some of the aforementioned bosses, who definitely seem like a creative lot that can provide a good challenge simply based on this short look alone. Gods and Glory will be a free update for both Switch and PC owners that comes out on August 23, so make sure not to miss it.