Sonic Mania Adventures Concludes With Metal Mayhem

Well, it’s been a wild ride for Sonic the Hedgehog and Tyson Hesse, but now the animated Sonia Mania Adventures shorts end today, tying in with the release date of Sonic Mania Plus. The fifth part of our tale, “Metal Mayhem” is now available to check out below (along with a video encompassing the full series of five shorts) and provides a satisfying conclusion and a great way to get excited for the new expansion.

Picking up from last time, we reach our final showdown as Sonic and Tails reach Eggman’s fortress, now having to confront Metal Sonic in order to prevent the mad doctor from receiving all of the Chaos Emeralds, eventually being joined by Mighty and Ray. It all culminated in an ending which…well, you simply have to see it for yourself. Here’s hoping we get more of these shorts sometime in the future, but until then, at least we’ll have Sonic Mania Plus to play again and again.