ZKILLER Preps for Steam Release Next Week

ZKILLER has been around the mobile scene and provides FPS thrills on the go – and now it’s almost time for its PC release. The game blends a high-quality look for its weapons with a lower-spec look for its enemies. It’s a bit odd in theory, but in motion, it winds up giving it an almost neo-retro look. The team behind it is planning to have the game in early access for about three to four months. They do have a goal in the final game to improve the graphics, add a multiplayer mode, and even a tournament mode. They also want to add the ability to use in-game items like cars and forklifts and enable map creation and items. The early access version will include five maps within its single player campaign, and whatever the price winds up being in early access will be its final price post-release. ZKILLER launches on Steam early access on July 25.