Microsoft Confirm Xbox Bundles, Accessories to be Shown at Gamescom

If you can recall Xbox chief Phil Spencer’s closing remarks during Microsoft’s E3 showing this year, Microsoft were already underway with development on the next Xbox consoles. Plural. And while it might have seemed a little early (and a little daft) to reveal what they had in store during this year’s Gamescom in Cologne at their own Inside Xbox livestream, the suggestion of “All-New Xbox Hardware” by Microsoft themselves, in the past week, was enough to get the internet’s rumour-mill well-and-truly turning.

Well today, in a statement issued to press, Microsoft have clarified that said new hardware will in fact be the unveiling of new Xbox One bundles and even some never-before-seen accessories for the system. No doubt this’ll disappoint those who expected Microsoft to officially reveal the successor to the Xbox One X – all five of them. Microsoft’s Inside Xbox will kick off August 21, beginning at 8:30am PST, where we’re likely to get updates to current and upcoming first-party titles alike, maybe even a third-party announcement or two.