Madden NFL Mobile Gets Overhaul With Madden Overdrive

The Madden NFL Mobile game has had success in the market with offering a good football experience on the go. To make the game feel more up-to-date, it is getting re-branded as Madden NFL Overdrive. The way the game looks and plays will be completely different. The engine has been rebuilt from the ground up to look more realistic and provide a modern feel. More importantly, the game will feature live PvP against opponents that features a different scoring system. Players will go one-on-one with each other as they will both run their offenses against an A.I. defense. Madden Overdrive doesn’t just accumulate touchdowns and field goals, it also includes fantasy football scoring. This means games will see scores well into the hundreds.

Players will be able to assign a Captain and a Coach before each game in Overdrive. This will allow certain tactics to be used for your team. During the game, an Overdrive meter will build up based on each successful play completed. These tactics can be activated once the meter is full to score big or shut down an opponent. There are multiple combinations that can be used for Coaches and Captains. Madden Overdrive will also include Live Event mini games as a quick way to earn XP and boost your team rating. The mobile experience for Madden is getting completely overhauled for the better. The free Madden NFL Overdrive update will be available August 15 on iOS and Android devices. You can watch the reveal trailer below.