Philadelphia and London to Go on to Overwatch League Grand Finals

In a stunning match last night, the Philadelphia Fusion toppled the seemingly indestructible New York Excelsior to take the series 2-0. The win came after the Fusion began their lead on Wednesday, winning the first of three games on Wednesday.

The first round of the day had Philly and New York fighting it out on Junkertown, with the Fusion on the attack to start. Both teams went for the triple Tank, single healer, double sniper comp that has become so precedent in the meta recently. Both runs went smoothly for the attackers at the beginning and stalled out near the end. The only difference was that Philadelphia was able to pull ahead to the finish line, giving them Map 1.

Next it would go to a Lijiang Tower, where both teams would switch out their Alt Tanks. New York also swapped Ark for Anamo for their main healer. Lijiang is a good map for both teams, but this one would go to New York. 

Map three had the two Eastern teams take to the streets of King’s Row, with Philly swapping Hotba out for Poko once more and New York taking Libero out in favor or Saebeyolbe. New York would also have Ark back in for Anamo. A finish line run from the Philadelphia Fusion and a subsequent full hold of the New York Excelsior would solidify a decisive win from the Fusion.

Match point went to Hanumura. Hotba swapped back in for Poko, Libero came back in place of Pine this time and Mano swapped with Janus. The Fusion were on attack first and took point A relatively quickly. Point B, however, proved to be much harder for them to capture and they ended up without a single tick. This meant New York would only need to get one tick on point B to win the game and in the end they were able to do it. The match going every other would mean for a game five.

Once more, Poko was back in for Hotba, Pine replaced Libero and Ark would take Anamo’s place for main healer. Very similar to Junkertown, both teams were able to make it to point A and B of Dorado somewhat quickly. They each had top notch plays from their DPS players, of whom Philly’s Eqo and Carpe feel right at home in the double sniper meta, while Pine and Saebeyolbe feel most comfortable on Widowmaker and Tracer respectively, as they are both considered to be the best in the league at those characters.

Both rounds came down to the wire, and with Philly attacking first, they were able to once again cross the finish line. New York’s attack had them scrambling at the end, and with a last minute change to go brawl-heavy, with Saebeyolbe on Brigitte, Mano on Reinhardt, Pine on Zarya, with Moira and Lucio in the healing department, Philadelphia decided to use their spawn advantage to quickly counter with some long-range mobile characters that don’t want to brawl. Carpe stuck to Widowmaker, but Eqo picked up Pharah to counter the Brigitte, and Boombox switched to the more elusive Moira. In the end, New York wasn’t able to finish point C and Philadelphia would win the series and will go on to face London in New York next week.

London saw a very similar victory on Friday, taking their series against the LA Valiant with the same 2-0 score. They won their game Wednesday and took the first game on Friday that secured their spot in the Grand Finals. For a full recap of that game, check here.

The Overwatch League Grand Finals will take place on Friday, July 27 and Saturday, July 28. The first game will be on Friday, with the second two on Saturday. You can watch the Grand Finals on Twitch, ESPN and Disney XD. Friday’s match will begin at 7 pm EST and Saturday’s first match will start at 4 pm EST.