Screenshot Saturday Featuring Damsel, Glitched, Noita, Many More

Hello, and welcome back to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where we highlight some of the most promising indie games promoted through the use of Twitter and one special hashtag! However, the pickings were slightly slimmer this week, though that may only be because ANOTHER special hashtag, #loveindies, was the bigger focus for the indie community this past week. Created by Sunless Sea/Skies developers Failbetter Games and their comms director Hannah Flynn, the week was designed to promoted indie games that deserve major honors and attention, with whole studios or just regular gamers pitching in through various means with their own recommendations. Needless to say, anything else that helped out in shining a light on promising games and smaller studios deserves a shout out here, so applause all around to these amazing people!! And make sure to head back to that link earlier to browse some of the #loveindies highlights made by many! For now, though, let us proceed with this week’s offerings…

Damsel- We have completely ignored this arcade platformer that entered Early Access earlier this year, so let us now remedy that issue. What we have here looks to be quite the action-packed game about massacring corporate vampires as quickly and efficiently as possible (with a good amount of cleansing fire), featuring some impressive visuals and a good sense of humor. So be it in its current early state or eventual finished version, it may definitely be worth checking out.

Glitched – Move along folks, nothing to see here. Just your average crack in sky that means a host of bizarre changes to your colorful in-game world and that also may lead to a way you to become aware of and talk with the player in charge of things, sending you on a surreal and intriguing voyage. Just your everyday RPG occurence, keep moving along.

iii- This Japanese indie game is a bit tricky to cover, since there’s a bit of an obvious language barrier right now, but this Zelda-esque adventure game has been in the works since at least 2016, and still dazzles with even the smallest of screenshots such as these. Some impressive sprite work and a great use of dark and blue colors are on display, and makes one want to learn more beyond what Google Translate can provide.

Beacon- Because when stranded on alien planet in a tough-as-nails roguelike world where everything is trying to kill you, it pays to look at the positive side of things. Case in point, those aforementioned things trying to kill you can provide DNA to enhance your future bodies with after they DO kill you. Glass is half full, yo.

Noita- In a game where every pixel is physically simulated, you’re going to want to set up some unique ways to display how impressive it looks when they break apart. And true enough, giant worms tunneling through everything make for quite the impressive sight indeed, letting pixels fly all about. Just make sure to be ready to run away later.

Super Lesbian Animal RPG- Honestly, this game was probably going to wind up here just due to the title alone. But thankfully, beyond the title appears to be a rather quirky and cute retro role-playing game with a lot of work put into even the smallest of details such as the trees, so there’s definitely something past the face value.

Plague Huntress- I would actually argue that it’s more impressive to stick to Shovel Knight/Ducktales-esque pogo jumps as seen here, but that could potentially go against the dark fantasy atmosphere, and I suppose a metroidvania game without a double jump feature just feels…odd. Still, more pogo sections wouldn’t hurt.

Bounty Battle- Jamming together several hit indie games for a huge fighter/crossover is a splendid idea, and allows us to see some rather interesting matchups. These characters have faced the brutal difficulties of Dead Cells and Jotun, with massive monsters/bosses located in both, but how do they fare against each other? Place your bets…

Unavowed- It’s not exactly the best screenshot when it comes to properly showing off Wadjet Eye’s next adventure game about a hidden group of special people taking on supernatural forces in a huge metropolis, but as mentioned in the tweet, it does capture our anticipation quite well. We feel ya, buddy.

Snake Evader- Typically a reverse game of Snake where you have to avoid the serpentine creatures this time around, you can always head into the Maze Mode instead if you want a different retro experience. But to paraphrase the old saying, if you can’t stand the heat, maybe go back to the basic serpents.

Cat Quest 2- A sequel to last year’s hit indie RPG, the latest entry promises even more of the furious feline action you enjoyed the first time around. Heck, already the attack effects look impressive, especially with a pair of co-op players now pulling them off in quick succession.

AVA- A “fairy tale” puzzle game for mobile devices with gorgeous levels and worlds inspired by and involving tarot cards, as seen here. It should hopefully make for a unique and fun title, but as Taboo: The Sixth Sense already set the bar as low as possible for tarot video games back in the NES days, there shouldn’t be much to worry about.

Scrap Story- I definitely respect games with a unique art style and those also bring back memories of the Paper Mario games in the best way possible, but I respect them even more if they let me spend whole segments wearing nothing but pajamas while going about and working. I kind of relate to that, shockingly enough.


Unruly Heroes- No, this isn’t using the #screenshotsaturday hash tag or has any direct relation to Screenshot Saturday, and yes, it may even be from nearly a month ago. But while working on tweets for #loveindies, I only NOW just discovered that a new trailer was released for Unruly Heroes. WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED OF THIS?? This is a game that’s shaping up to be an absolutely stunning platformer/brawler and greatly deserves more attention, so let me be proud to highlight it here and insist that you end this week’s feature by checking out the trailer and the game in general. You won’t be disappointed.